Spring Break Getaway with a Car Title Loan

I’m sure you’re craving a vacation after how horrendous this past winter was. After all the ice and cold, you deserve to getaway… but maybe your wallet’s in need of some backup, and spring break is coming just around the corner. By getting a car title loan, you can pay for your trip and have a few extra bucks in a matter of hours! Fast cash for fun times is in your reach.
Car title loans aren’t hard to come by in Dayton.

Here are the basics:

1. You offer the lender your car title as collateral for the loan. The amount of the loan is based off your car’s make, model, year and mileage. Loan totals can reach into the thousands!
2. While you’re on the beach, there’s no need to worry about bills—we find lenders that give as much as 42 months for repayment, with super low interest rates.
3. Plus, when you’re gone, your car sits nice and safe in your garage—all that’s required is the title. No keys needed!
4. After you pay, your title is back with you.

It’s really that easy.

So maybe your credit isn’t the best. Whose is these days? With car title loans, it doesn’t matter what the condition of your credit is, or even if you have credit at all. That’s right, there’s no credit check. Whatsoever. We’re not a bank, so you can skip the credit check and get straight to your cash. I bet you can taste the coconut-y drinks already!
Everyone needs time to unwind and forget their troubles for a little while. Getting a car title loan can help you be where you want to be. You shouldn’t let short funds stand in your way. Apply now and get going on your Spring Break plans. And oh, yeah– don’t forget to pack your beach towel and flip-flops!


Do You Have Small Business Cash Flow Problems? Get a Title Loan

Being a small business owner is a major responsibility. Of course, the main goal of any business is to turn a profit. If you are making money, you will be able to cover all your expenses and pay your employees without incurring a loss. However, the sluggish economy means many small businesses are struggling to make ends meet. For instance, many local shops are being overshadowed by big-box stores that can offer more for less.

If you own your own business, you probably know what it’s like to have a slow month from time to time. You may not be making much money, but your employees still expect to receive a paycheck every two weeks. What can you do if you’re experiencing cash flow problems? Take out a title loan and get the money you need in a matter of hours.

Car title loans are a great option if you need funds immediately and do not have the credit to qualify for a traditional loan. Your borrowing amount is based upon the current market value of your vehicle. In order to secure the loan, you must temporarily hand over your title to a lender as collateral. You are able to keep your car throughout the duration of your loan, so you can maintain a reliable method of transportation at all times.

Title loans are also no credit check, so you can be approved regardless of the number that appears on your credit report. The absence of a credit check allows you to get your money faster than ever. In fact, you can collect your cash in just a day’s time. Small business expenses cannot wait, so this expedited timeline is ideal.

Many Ohio business owners have already taken advantage of this short term borrowing solution, because it is so fast and easy. Upon application submission, you will receive a free quote and have an idea of where you stand. In no time, you can get the cash you need to cover payroll expenses and beyond.

Benefits of a car title loan in Dayton:

  • Flexible payment plans that are customized to your needs
  • No credit check
  • Hundreds of locations throughout Ohio
  • Affordable interest rates

Don’t let your business suffer any longer. If you are experiencing cash flow problems and need money as soon as possible, a title loan is the smart choice. The unexpected can strike at any time, so it is important to be prepared – especially if you have others depending on you. Do not let minor financial slipups become major problems. Keep your small business plugging along with the help of a car title loan.

How to Protect Yourself in Frigid Temperatures

As the majority of the country experiences the negative effects of a particularly brutal winter, it is important to remember how to protect yourself from frigid temperatures. Ice, snow, and subzero wind chills can quickly put your body at risk. Whenever you expose yourself to the elements for an extended period of time, it is critical to take the necessary precautions. If not, you could experience the symptoms of frostbite and hypothermia within minutes. Frostbite is a loss of feeling in your extremities, coupled with a tingling situation and damage to your skin. The first sign of frostbite typically involves numbness in your fingers and difficulty with dexterity. It may be hard to hold onto objects or even bend your fingers. Hypothermia occurs when your body undergoes a significant drop in temperature. If you are suffering from hypothermia, your body temperature will dip below 95 degrees Fahrenheit and you will experience a lack of coordination and slurred speech. Since your body is incredibly cold, most people begin to shiver uncontrollably. If you believe you are suffering from frostbite and immediate care is not available, do your best to warm your body parts up as much as possible. Applying a dry, sterile dressing to frostbitten areas can also prevent further harm. In terms of hypothermia, getting out of the cold is the best way to stay safe until you can seek medical care. If you or someone you know is suffering from frostbite or hypothermia, contact your doctor or call 911 immediately.

How to Protect Your Car in Frigid Temperatures

Your car is working overtime during the winter, because it must contend with snow-covered, icy roads, as well as bitterly cold air. If your vehicle breaks down or malfunctions, it is crucial to know how to properly handle the situation. To begin, it is important to stay calm until help arrives. Stay in your car while you wait, so you are sheltered from the harsh elements. Also, every driver should keep a safety kit in the trunk of his or her car. According to Steve Waggoner, owner of General Building Supply in Huntington, West Virginia, a comprehensive safety kit can be purchased for less than $40.

Important car safety kit items include:

  • Blankets
  • De-ice lock lubricant
  • Warning lights
  • Ice melt
  • Gloves
  • Windshield scraper
  • Flashlights
  • Jumper cables
  • Sand
  • Bottled water

If you have ever tried to start your car in subzero temperatures, you know the deflating feeling that comes when you turn your key and hear radio silence. Car batteries are prone to die in extreme cold, so it is wise to replace a battery that is over three years old. In addition, without functioning heat, the inside temperature of your vehicle can quickly match the outside temperature. If possible, warm yourself by using coats and blankets and try to find shelter nearby. The dead of winter can be an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous time of year – unless you use common sense and take the easy precautions that will keep you and your car safe.

Forget Cash Advance; Get a Title Loan in Dayton, Ohio

When you need money as quickly as possible, it may be tempting to get a cash advance. After all, being behind on your bills is certainly an unsettling feeling. However, a title loan in Dayton, Ohio is a safer and similarly efficient option. You can get your money in a matter of hours without jumping through hoops or fulfilling a laundry list of requirements. A single application is the only thing standing between you and your funds. You can apply from any computer or smart phone – whether you’re at home or on the go, so what are you waiting for?

Many people rely on a cash advance when they find themselves between a rock and a hard place. They may need money to pay for a medical emergency, home or car repairs, or even education-related costs. Whatever the case may be, car title loans offer a greater deal of flexibility and customization. You will not be forced to settle up as soon as your next paycheck arrives. Instead, you can take as long as 42 months to pay off your title loan. If you choose to pay ahead of schedule, you can do so without facing prepayment penalties.

If a bad credit score has been holding you back, it is time to break free from this pesky constraint. Title loans in Dayton, Ohio are not based on your credit. Instead, your final borrowing amount is determined by the current market value of your auto. Details such as the year, make, and model will be used to generate your complimentary pre-approval estimate. From the start, you will know where you stand and have an idea of how much you qualify for.

To get cash fast from a title loan, simply complete the following steps:

  • Provide your contact and car information and review your free quote
  • Speak with a car title loans specialist and finalize the remaining details
  • Collect your cash from a trustworthy lender near you

When you are short on time and money, there really is no better option than a title loan. You can be approved with no credit or bad credit, access your cash in hours, and create a repayment plan that suits your needs. Do not let financial woes cloud your mind anymore. The next time you think about getting a cash advance, get an auto title loan instead!

10 Ways to Use a Car Title Loan

A car title loan is a great way to get cash in a flash. You can apply today and collect your money the very next day. The speediness of the approval process makes a title loan an ideal option when you are short on time and money. If you have an unexpected expense to address or simply need to cover the cost of a routine bill, you can get cash for your title in no time. Credit checks are not required, so you can be approved with good, bad, or nonexistent credit. With the lowest interest rates in town and flexible repayment plans, you would be hard pressed to find a more affordable or convenient borrowing option.

Once you receive your funds, you can use the money as you see fit. These are some common examples:

  • Medical emergencies – If you need to pay an unexpected medical bill or undergo a costly procedure, apply for a short term loan and receive your money in a matter of hours.
  • Vacations – Have you been dreaming of escaping to an island paradise? If you are short on funds, apply for a no credit check loan and you will be sipping a cool drink by the ocean in no time.
  • Home repairs – A leaky roof or a broken heater can make your living arrangements highly uncomfortable. Unfortunately, home repairs seem to occur during the worst possible moments. Car title loans can fix any type of issue in a hurry.
  • Car repairs – In order to get to and from important destinations such as work or school, you need a properly functioning car. If you need to find a way to pay the mechanic, use your auto title as collateral for a loan.
  • Education – Receiving a quality education is incredibly important. If you are pursuing an advanced degree, tuition costs can quickly skyrocket. In order to finish your schooling without building up an unsightly amount of debt, apply for a bad credit title loan today.
  • Bills – One thing you can count on in life is bills. Whether you need to pay your rent, utilities, or health insurance, there always seems to be a bill to address. When you need some extra pocket money, why not take advantage of this short term loan option?
  • Everyday expenses – In today’s day and age, it takes a lot to simply stay afloat. You must buy groceries, fill up your gas tank, and buy new clothing from time to time. A title loan gives you the ability to obtain quick cash without undergoing a credit check.
  • Clothes for an interview – Many people are struggling to make ends meet, because they are currently unemployed. If you land a big interview and want to look your best in a fancy new suit, car title loans are your best bet.
  • Money to supplement your tax refund – Nobody enjoys paying taxes, but receiving your refund check in the mail is reason to celebrate. If you want to supplement your refund amount with some extra spending money, a bad credit title loan is for you.
  • Elective surgery – Some surgeries are necessary, and some we do by choice. If you want to undergo an elective surgery such as laser eye correction, the quick cash from a title loan can help you foot the bill.

As you can see, there are so many ways to use a car title loan. In order to get your hands on some quick and easy money, submit the online application today. A title loan specialist will give you a call to discuss your options and point you in the right direction. You can collect your cash from one of our convenient Ohio locations within hours. Your cash is only a day away, so make the first move and get in touch!

Getting Title Loans Online

Title Loans Online

Title loans online are a great resource when time is not on your side. With the holidays quickly approaching, residents across Ohio are scrambling to buy presents, food, and drinks. Some are traveling to far-off destinations and must contend with the rising cost of gas and/or airfare.

Everyone wants to enjoy a festive and jolly holiday season. However, if you are struggling to make ends meet Continue reading

Financing the Holiday Shopping Season

The Holidays Come at a Cost

The holiday season is a magical time of year. Lights are twinkling, snow is falling, and shoppers are bustling from store to store. Although there is much to smile about, there are also stresses associated with this festive period.

Buying presents can cause many people to experience a financial pitfall. Every year, it may seem as if your loved ones are hoping for extravagant gifts that are simply out of your budget. Your son may be begging for the latest smartphone, but your paycheck may not align with the high price tag.

If you are hosting your relatives or throwing a party, the costs can quickly build up. You must consider food, drinks, and entertainment. On the other hand, if your family lives far away, travel costs can be out of sight. Plane fares and hotel prices spike during the holiday season, because so many people must take advantage of these services.

Common expenses during the holiday season:

  • Gifts
  • Travel costs
  • Food and beverages
  • Entertainment

All in all, “the most wonderful time of year” can be not so wonderful if you are overextended and struggling to cover all the related expenses.

Make Your Season Merry and Bright

When you need quick cash, a loan may be the best option. You will be able to borrow the money you need and pay it back once the holiday frenzy has died down.

However, it can be extremely difficult to be approved if you have imperfect credit. Financial institutions use your score to determine whether you are a trustworthy and reliable candidate. One blemish on your report could send your application into the trash.

Fortunately, there is a way to obtain a loan that is not based on your credit. Car title loans are often referred to as bad credit loans, because your credit is not considered. You can collect cash with a poor or nonexistent score.

A short term loan such as a title loan is ideal for a finite period of time. You can access your fast cash today and settle your debt in the New Year.

There is no need to be a scrooge during the holiday season. Once you obtain a title loan, you will be able to partake in all the delightful festivities. Happy Holidays!